Purpose is to remind myself of the things I wanted to achieve or improve.


1.) Cusines to taste

2.) Things that makes me happy

3.) Things to do when I am feeling bored or down

4.) Things to do when I am in retirement

5.) Favorite boy/girl names

6.) Favorite Games App

7.) Shopping list

8.) Movie list

9.) Song List

10.) Bucket List

11.) Countries I want to visit

12.) Beaches I want to visit

13.) Parks I want to visit

14.) Favorite countries

15.) Airlines I want to try

Life Journal:


2.) Tips on how to save money

3.) New things to attempt

4.) One more day to live: What would you do?

5.) Qualities you want to improve

6.) What is in your bag?

7.) What talents do you wish to have?

8.) What would you do with an enormous amount of money?

9.) Opinions on your parents

10.) Message to myself

11.) Mistakes you don't want to repeat in the future

12.) Daily to dos

13.) Things you always forget to pack

14.)Affirmations/motivations quotes

15.) Doodles/stickers