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I am not autistic...just that not every guys can hear my voice

I am not a toy...guys are not a toy. I respect and honor my future husband...I am not religious but understand the meaning of self love

On july...fiance and I tested positive for covid... 3 months later...i am back to itchy throat

I am playing hide and seek...with you

I will not betray the love of my life

I am happy to meet you but not fated to be with are always in my heart no matter where I go

Learn to depend on yourself and be with people you trust this manner you get lesser hurt

Please stop thinking...of me

I want you to be my property

Can you spend time with me for the night? Let's keep it a secret 🤫

I don't want to be a concubine...I want to be a queen 👑

I can protect you from males...can you protect me from females?

I don't need to chase... what's mine will come what's not will go

I wish I can start an affair with you 💋

I don't go after perfections... I go after flaws...Flaws are something people will never want to obtain...and you will love me truly because of this

I don't care about your appearance or pocket...I care about feelings and securities

You can play with me in my dreams

One is physically with me...another one lives in my heart. If we are meant to be, you will find me again ♥

I already found my prince charming...but you live in my heart for the rest of my is better than having half of your person

I don't envy the rich... I don't envy those with more... I envy... those who can be hardworking... stable and have one real person who can be with you even when the world crumbles

Husband is my idol...he loves me and take care of me...He is my true family

I let people come and go...if he belongs to mine...he will have no females and he will stay

Guys can drive cannot give me securities...I prefer guys who can't

I always laugh, my fiance is used to my laughing. He don't like angry,bad mood woman. If you are with me, I will make sure you are happy all day long

Females have a lot but still not happy...I have less and is the most happiest... I will capture your heart one day, should we meet again

A guy used to say hi to me for two years...nothing happened and we just move on...I didn't make the move and he used to look at me quietly too... There is one auntie who always like to smile at us in a coffee shop... ^_^ But she cannot talk. I guess, there is still friendly people out there...

I don't use social medias and I hardly chat with people on other places... I only own websites

She is lucky to have you... but I am lucky to be far for you to think of me more than her

I don't want to be guys favorite...I want to be your only favorite

We are not meant to be together but you are on my mind 24/7

Cheating is not my style

I don't need likes..I don't need branded...I want your full attention

Will you be my secret lover?

I will make you the happiest man on earth

I don't need your fake companionship because I want to live in your ❤️ forever

I want to call you...but I want you to look at me...Forever... just be my secret boy...ok

I want you very you want me too? I can only cheat with you in my dreams

Husband only only one and all to only one

I miss you...I crave you and I want to steal you away

I have guys 😭

and I think is ok to play with yourself

Do this? 😂 fold your tongue