How to take care of our breasts?
Questions Part 1
Self Introduction
Why people don't want to be with you?

How to take care of our breasts?

Here is the last post for this month. It is important to take care of every parts of our body. And today, we will add in some healthy tips.

1.) Avoid alcohol and smoking

2.) Eat more fruits and veggies

3.) Exercise

4.) Drink enough water

5.) Wear the right supportive bra

6.) Maintain a healthy diet

7.) Check frequently (Morning/Night)

8.) Jogging / Walking

9.) Warm milk

10.) Enough sleep

Being healthy, is the best present for you and those around you. You can visit the owner blog at Arika Castle


Questions Part 1

1.) Do you have guy friends?

I don't have any guy friends, I know that nowadays girls also make the move but if guys don't make the move, I don't see a need to know a lot of them

2.) Do you feel lonely?

Never...I have my loved ones and working on projects, is enough to keep me busy

3.) Do you ask people out?


4.)What are you fighting and living for?

Passions and loved ones

5.) Want to go out work?

Currently, I am WFH. People like to push here and there and they even force you to quit your job... this is their tactics when company have no money to pay their workers, if you can endure their pushing, means, you can continue to stay or they will make use of newcomers to increase sales. Working society is just really dark.

6.) Do you believe in sex before marriage?

Never...however, there are many ways to explore each other and until you are ready is really important. Before married, always do a check up to be safe for you and your partner.

7.) Before a boyfriend, pester guys?

I don't like to pester people

8. Do you need to spend money?

I don't need to spend over $100 a day please remember to only spend it on the necessary things

9.) Will you sleep with anyone before marriage?

I promise to save myself for a future husband, so the answer, is I won't.

10.) How to know people?

It is better to know them at proper places, as long as you are still alive, it is never too late to know them

Lastly, follow your heart, and don't let others control you. You are a free soul.

Self Introduction

Here is a photo of the owner

Welcome to my website ~ My name is Arika. I used to own domains but due to too expensive, I downgraded to free hosting. I am currently, focusing on the art sector which includes

- Laptop
- Pencils (2B)
- Sharpener
- Colour pencils
- Paints
- Pens and Markers
(She does not believe in erasing her drawing)

Drawing is my self taught passion from young, I also used to attend art courses and enjoys learning everyday. I am more towards the quiet type and prefers to listen to you more. If you need any help, feel free to email to for enquiries..and I will be happy to reply. Stay safe and healthy. ^_^

Currently, I am concentrating on my own health and career. We welcome people who is interested to work with us come future. ♥


Why people don't want to be with you?

Because they have high standards...that's why people never last long with each other. While they keep searching for the best, they are equally tired, and unhappy. When people have flaws themselves, it will be hard for them to fit you in completely. So don't worry, it is not necessary your problem.

People need to love themselves, in order to love you. We live not to please other people, we live to do the things we love. Is okay, not being close to them, allow them to come and go, the right ones, will come back to you.

This fox is enjoying his cup of tea, in his own personal garden