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Questions Part 2
A letter to my temptation
How to deal with weddings when couples have no friends?
What does it mean by property?
How to get rid of your airplanes phobia?

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Questions Part 2

What does art means to you?

Art is just like play out your tune, while I draw on a piece of paper

Do you talk to guys?

Never, I am not afraid of strangers, but I am afraid of meeting new people

Left or right handed?


Did your boyfriend touch you?

He respect my decision

What is the meaning of besties?

Besties know each other first. Their relationship is stronger than fate and temptations because they won't break up, if a guy has a bestie, high chance he could be waiting for her due to the fact that she has more men. Love is always unbalance, just to see if it can truly work out or not.

Why girls have more men?

Girls have more men because they are lonely. When she obtains many of them, she became the sharing type herself. When she have to pick one, other men will lose half of her dependance, this way, their relationship, will always be complicated.

Left or right handed?


Is guy friends a must?

It is your own preference. I personally thinks that you don't need to be close to everyone of them. Eventually, you will have to face their girlfriends one day.

Apperance or Character?

It is people you are comfortable with that is important...and how you treat them. Even beauties don't last with each other.

Are you autistic?

I have voice, just don't really talk

Can laugh for no reasons?

That's my forte


A letter to my temptation

Dear temptation, I crave you at times. I don't know how you look like but I think you are charming. I haven't been with many men in my entire life, I only had one failed relationship with an ex who can't let go. He used to threaten death on me before our break up, so that's the reason, why I am not playing with guys.

I treat love seriously, and doesn't wish to get hurt as well, waiting for a husband, to me, is a sign of loyalty and respect. There are times I would imagine, how life is like with different people. This is my heartfelt words for you, I wish you all the best in work and love life.


How to deal with weddings when couples have no friends?

Wedding belongs to two people entirely. You don't bring 90 over people, into your little family. Wedding means, true love and real heart, a symbol of responsibility towards each other. Friends are people who add in for more joy and laughter, but eventually, it is not them who will be taking care of your personal life and future babies.

Most importantly, you have family, relatives, and pastors blessings. Marriage life, means, it is two people world. Friends are there to support when you face darkest periods. Don't worry about the less, because eventually, the aim is to get an official title, and walk hand in hand with each other till eternity.


What does it mean by property?

Property means fully belong to one. Property means that you want to be with one and only one. Property is something hard to catch, you won't easily be seen by others. By protecting yourself, you are a property. By having a lot, you are sharing.

What is important, is that you know how to protect the one you love, doesn't matter a lot or little, your responsiblity is not a toy, it is serious business.


How to get rid of your airplanes phobia?

It is common to fear airplane is no exception. If you want to go to a beautiful destination, you need to overcome your fears. Risks, is something we should take, when one decided to fillfull their wishes. A person will never see an ocean view, if he cannot leave his shore.

Turbulence, means that in life, not everything is smooth sailing. In order to get rid of your phobia, you need to count on your most trusted airline. You can also consider sleeping pills, or medicine from your doctor.

We cannot control what will happen aftermath, but just to take a deep breath and go with the flow. Should anything happens, we will be dying with 100+ people on board. The least we know that it will soon be over. Please take a step out and try, you will still be safe because it is the least expectation.

Here is a list of tributes to some of the airline crashes.