In this page, we will help you to create a list of jobs, for your preferences.

1.) Admin Assistant (If you love the office environment, consider, admin)

2.) Counsellor (Counsellor is a very interesting job, but you need to study first)

3.) Cook (If you love cooking, cook is a good choice)

4.) Designer (If you love designing, consider web/graphics, fashion, interior)

5.) Library Assistant (If you love books, library is a good choice)

6.) Promoter (If you are into selling things, can consider promoter)

7.) Retail Assistant (If you are into customer service, retail is a good choice, as it will help you with confidence, and outgrow your shyness)

8.) Teacher (If you love little kids, teaching will suit your personality.)

9.) Tattoo Artist(If you have confidence with your art skills, consider, tattoo-ing)

10.) Waiter/Waitress/Cashier (A little tough, but it is easier to pass time)

People are still hiring, so you can still find a job, no matter part time or full time, job is like going to school, learning new things every day... good luck!